Architecture is known as the perfect merge between engineering and art. Becoming an architect takes a lot of technical work and talent. Some of the most amazing touristic landscapes in the world exist thanks to some amazing architects. The road to become an architect is long, but the outcome is truly amazing. Finding the perfect place to study this noble work can be quite challenging. There are hundreds of universities that specialize in this area of study. We have listed some of the best schools in the world where you can study architecture in order to help you achieve your dream job.

United States Schools

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is considered the best architecture university in the world. Besides the world-known IT and technological degrees, the architecture study here are truly amazing. The university is located in the United States and offers the top quality of education. The teachers here are some of the best architects and engineers around the globe, so you are guaranteed to receive the best education. The campus is also a big plus. It is one of the best student hubs and you will be able to socialize with people from all the corners of the world.

University of California, Berkeley is also one of the top-rated architecture schools in the country. The university itself has a very long and rich history and the teachers here like to keep up to the standards. The school offers some amazing degrees and you will be able to have an amazing student life thanks to the facilities of this place.

European Schools

University College London, Bartlett School of Architecture is also a great place to study. It is located in London, United Kingdom and has a very long history of performance. You will receive your education from some of the greatest architects from the country. The place is also great given the fact that it is located in one of the biggest architecture hubs in the world. Thanks to its location and facilities this school provides students with an optimal learning environment.

Delft University of Technology is located in the Netherlands. This is also rated as one of the best architecture schools in the world. The teachers here are also some of the best architects in the business. The main advantage of this place is that you are very close to some of the most amazing architecture sites in Europe, so you will be able to observe some of these marvels of architecture. You can easily travel to other countries to see them and enjoy their beauty and design.

ETH Zurich-Swiss Institute of Technology is an amazing place to study. Switzerland is known for having a unique sense of style when it comes to its countries architecture and design. By attending this school, you will be able to see first-hand this architecture. You can also get internships within the country with some of the top firms in the world. What more could a student want?