Architecture continues to play an enormous role in our lives. From the houses we gaze at on our daily commute to the iconic and timeless buildings in our towns and cities, architecture is all around us. We also admire those responsible for designing these homes and buildings. In fact, we are about to look at some of the most famous pioneers of the industry; those who have paved the way for cutting-edge innovation and ingenious design.

Frank Gehry

Being responsible for some of the most innovative and distinctive architecture you’ll see anywhere in the world, Gehry’s works are unmistakable. Travellers make their way from all corners of the globe just to marvel at his work up close. He has quite simply set a precedent for modern architecture.

Gehry also has an uncanny ability to create spaces that manipulate surfaces and forms and we continue to be amazed at the authentic way in which he uses materials that make no sense how they work together. Vanity fair named Gehry “the most important architect of our age”.

Frank Lloyd Wright

While many regard Gehry as the greatest-ever architect, there are those who firmly believe that honour goes to the second gentleman on our list. Frank Lloyd Wright viewed interior and exterior sales as one and the same and was a pioneer when it came to construction methods and building forms, despite the fact that he never attended a former architectural school.

Lloyd Wright learned his trade under another architectural legend: Louis Sullivan. Wright is still best-known for his organic influences and prairie-style buildings. His innovative use of detail and his natural and organic forms that appeared to blend in with nature are still regarded to be his greatest design and building hallmarks, even after one and a half centuries have passed.

Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid became the first-ever female architect to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize. The Iraqi-born Hadid won the prize that is frequently referred to as the ‘Nobel peace prize of architecture’. The architect’s forms are known for being artistic, daring, unconventional, and futuristic.

A great deal of Hadid’s projects never came to fruition and yet she still managed to rank 69 on a previous Forbes list of the most powerful women. Her stunning work always leaves admirers wondering how she did it.

Tom Wright

Why this gentleman may be known for a single building, he still makes our list of the greatest contemporary architects of our generation. That’s because the building we’re referring to is Dubai’s most well-known hotel. The Burj Al Arab is characterised by its luxurious amenities and is known as one of the most well-known buildings, not just in the hotel industry but in contemporary architecture, in general.

The building features the largest atrium in the world and comes with the world’s tallest tennis court, as well as its very own helicopter landing pad. Tom Wright very definitely deserves his place on any list of the greatest contemporary architects.