Looking to pursue a career in architecture? Come on board as we take you through the different types of architects and what makes them unique in their field. Architecture is a broad field of study with various sub-career options under its belt. Architects oversee the built environment, which is relatively large and ranges from residential homes, commercial outlets and other infrastructures. This is the reason why there are different types of architects. Here is a brief list of the different kinds of the architect to help you choose where to specialize.

Interior Designer

Just as the name implies, Interior designers have the technical knowledge on how to design the interiors of residential buildings, office space, restaurants and other living spaces. There are concerned with picking the choice of color, fabrics, furniture, and materials used in the interior of an area. Most architects double as an interior designer while others prefer to specialize in this field and handle projects on a large scale.

Green Design Architect

The quest for a sustainable environment has led to the formation of this branch of architecture. As the world tilts towards reducing the emission of carbon to the atmosphere, the designs of infrastructures are currently moving towards absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. Green Design architects have more profound knowledge of the design of the eco-friendly environment. They produce architectural plans that are not only eco-friendly but energy efficient. They are not only involved in the design of the eco-friendly environment, but they also ensure that the process of building construction does not affect the environment negatively.

Residential Architect

Residential architects are primarily responsible for the development of home designs. They work with urban planners to develop the residential layout of an area. They are also responsible for the planning of mass housing units and the design of the individual buildings before they are massed. Residential architects also work with clients who want their customized design. They are responsible for the planning of such residential developments from the entire site to the individual buildings. They provide the client with the full drawings and work with other members of the building team to actualize the construction of the project.

Landscape Architect

Landscape architects are responsible for the design of other environmental infrastructures in the outdoor space. They deal with the design of parks, public areas, gardens, campuses, and neighborhoods. They are not necessary urban planners, but they help with the placement of buildings, landscape elements, walkways, Cycle paths, trees, and other greenery.  They are also responsible for the selection of the materials used for the construction of open spaces like the choice of tiles for a walkway, the type of sitting arrangement in a park, or the type of shrubs or greenery for residential development.

Urban Designer

Urban designers deal with the environment in a broader scope. They are responsible for the planning and location of buildings, other infrastructures like bridges, the type of landscape and the greenery in a city or town. They regulate the development of the built environment and ensure it follows a pattern that is most suitable for the town.