Many people are like to keep their home in good condition and even enjoy dabbling in a bit of DIY. A person’s home, after all, is a good investment and should be a place that they can take pride in. Besides home maintenance, you may want to consider sprucing up your home. There are some simple architectural tips to freshen up your home and give it a new and aesthetically appealing look.


Here are some simple fixes to some common problems that you may have. If you have too much clutter in your house, consider some of these storage options. You can buy flat-pack shelving units, that are easy to put up.  Plastic shelves and containers are a cheap alternative but may not be so practical if you have heavy items like books or plants. The best to use are durable wooden shelves or containers that are unlikely to fall or bend underweight. You could varnish the wood to make it even more attractive or paint it to match your colors, adding a personal touch.

It might be that the idea of decluttering does not appeal to you, you may prefer to just hide it so, if you have space, you can install shelving or boxes inside a walk-in closet. An alternative is to buy furniture like an ottoman or storage bench. That way you have furniture that is practical and comfortable.

Tricks of the Trade

Many desire beautiful wooden floors but can’t afford to install natural hardwood; simple imitation laminate is a very convincing substitute, or you can use dark vinyl. They are quick and easy to lay and a breeze to keep clean.

There are certain tricks you can use to make a room look larger like putting up mirrors or painting the room white or a light colour. Another option is to make a window look larger than it really is, without spending a penny. You can achieve this optical illusion by lifting window curtain rods higher and using curtains that reach the floor.

You can use paint to make a room cheerful by painting bright colors and wall stencils which fits in well in a child’s room. You can make a room look smarter by adding various architectural embellishments. For example, you can add crown molding where the ceiling and walls meet. Painting any ceiling beams a darker color to contrast with the rest of the ceiling adds a rustic touch.

If you have furniture that seems old and drab, then consider refurbishing the items if you do not want to buy new furniture. You can reupholster old chairs and cushions to make sofas and chairs look brand new.

Get your outside walls house power cleaned or repainted to keep the house looking new.  Make your driveway more elegant and environmentally friendly by placing plants or flowers along the driveway and replacing your welcome mat. If you follow some of these suggestions, you can make your home look fresh and modern with minimal effort and expenditure.