The United States of America is known as a country with some of the most amazing buildings in the world. What is truly beautiful about the architecture here is that it is a mixture between the Golden Days style and cutting edge modern designs. Visiting America will take you to some of the fascinating touristic attractions many of these are gorgeous buildings. Behind these sites is the astronomical works of some really good architects that managed to create some buildings that passed the test of time in terms of style and design. But not only is the US dotted with incredible buildings. Some very successful American architects turned their heads to the rest of the world and created marvels wherever in the various places they went. We have listed some of the most famous architects from the US in order to better understand the amazing buildings that we all love.

William Van Allen

William Van Allen is the father of the Chrysler building. This building used to be the tallest in New York, but this is not the only thing that made it extremely popular. The interior design in the perfect representation of the Golden Days and Art Deco. The exterior design is also stunning, and this is why many touristic postcards from New York have this building on them. This building used to be the symbol of the City of New York for many years before and it still remains an amazing architecture model.

William F. Lamb

William F. Lamb is the creator of the Empire State Building. This building is now a staple for the American architecture and it is truly one of the most remarkable buildings designed by an American architect. This is the building that managed to throw shadow on the Chrysler building with a bigger height. The project started shortly after the foundation for the Chrysler building was finished. The building is now one of the main touristic attraction in New York City. After he finished this amazing building, William Lamb dedicated himself to designing cheap accommodation buildings. This happened because the Great Recession came and many people from the US were struggling to find an affordable place to live. He is also famous for his efficient homing designs that helped many Americana to have a home.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wrights designed the Guggenheim museum. The building is one of the most beautiful and extravagant museums in the world. It hosts some of the most valuable art pieces. He also designed the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo and many amazing houses throughout the world. He moved a lot in his life and this is why we see many buildings with his signature scattered around the world. His homes are still desired works of art to this day.

Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry is another great architect. He designed the Walt Disney Concert Hall. This is one of the most remarkable concert halls in the world. The exterior design is very modern, and the interior is designed so that every spectator can enjoy the music no matter their location in the concert room.