There are some truly amazing architectural designs in cities around the world and many of them were built long ago, they are perhaps even older than you may think. These buildings and their designs have really stood the test of time and are still viewed very favorably by architectural enthusiast. They vary from very tall to the absolute unique and they are worth a visit if you are able to come across one.

Transamerica Pyramid

One example is the skyscraper known as the Transamerica pyramid. The building was designed and built in San Francisco in 1969 and has become a distinctive feature of the skyline. The architect who designed the building was William Pereira. This distinctive building is located in the financial district of San Francisco. It is a four-sided pyramid that has side regions known as “wings”; these side regions contain a stairwell and an elevator shaft. The spire is the top 65 m of the building. The building is made of concrete and steel rebar and has a façade of crushed quartz.

Citigroup Center

This building in New York City is an office tower that was constructed in 1977. The building is unique in its shape since it has a 45 degree angled top. The base of the building is also unusual. In order to accommodate a church, the base had to be built on 35m tall columns. There was concern about the stability of the building during times of high wind. A tuned mass damper was installed to increase the stability of the building. This has worked, and the building has not shown instability.


Another iconic building of New York City is the Flatiron building in Manhattan. The Flatiron building was designed by Daniel Burnham and built in 1902. Space for erecting a building was very limited and the land was asymmetrical. Hence, the building had an unusual design and shape to accommodate the strange shape of the space that it was to be built in. The building is actually of a triangular shape and is constructed of steel and stone. The building has since been designated a historical site.

Marina City Towers

This is a complex that is found in Chicago, Illinois. The building was designed by Bertrand Goldberg and was built in 1968. It has two 179m towers. The building is now mixed use, it has some floors with apartments and a spiral parking structure, and today it also has a restaurant and bar. Marina City was the first high rise to be built after the war and served as an inspiration for architects constructing many buildings around the world.

The Petronas Towers

These are twin skyscrapers that are located in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. They were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 when they were built until 2004. The Petronas Towers were designed by the architect Cesar Pelli. The architecture is of a post-modern style and the building had a very deep foundation. The towers are mainly made of high-strength concrete, steel and glass. The inspiration for the tower design was the Islamic religion. These buildings are all icons that have really stood the test of time. The architectural designs of these buildings have also been copied and used by inspiration by other architects around the world.