Many regard Los Angeles as the pinnacle of American cities when it comes to world-renowned designs by the world’s best architects. Legends such as Renzo Piano, Rudolph Schindler, Frank O’ Gehry, and Frank Lloyd Wright have built some of the finest structures in the city.

The Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory provides a wonderful view of the Hollywood sign, in addition to a panoramic view of LA. It also offers some stunning architecture, with beautiful art deco domes. Numerous exhibits have been held here, including a 1910 Tesla coil. Welsh immigrant Griffith J. Griffith made a lot of money from mining in the 19th century, which financed the structure. He had a desire to establish an observatory that would contribute towards giving the public access to astronomy. Griffith also established the nearby Griffith Park.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Frank Gehry is among the modern era’s more important architects. Visitors are treated to a number of his works around LA, including his Santa Monica residence, which only strengthened his reputation as a powerful influencer.

Many of Gehry’s more famous design concepts can be found at the Wall Disney Concert Hall, featuring angular, robust panelling, as well as a glossy exterior finish. The hall provides some of the country’s finest acoustics, making it a treat for anyone who gets to see the venue host the L.A. Philharmonic. Film and music industry leaders have chosen to feature it in numerous films, which make the building familiar to many people.

The Getty Center

Richard Meier designed this structure that sits on two ridges offering a view of the city. Guests enter the central plaza after taking the tram. It’s from the plaza that the public are able to access the primary museum building. The Getty Centre is home to millions of dollars worth of esteemed artworks and ranks among the country’s most popular museums. The nearby Getty Research Institute contains a vast art library. The central garden is also close by. Guests will observe a considerable volume of water being used in the form of pools, ponds, and fountains throughout the centre, forming an ambiance all of its own.

Pacific Design Center

The Pacific Design Centre isn’t as famous as other landmarks in the city, but it remains a unique and magnificent facility with a striking design. One of the world’s finest architects, César Pelli, designed the buildings, which give West Hollywood a bold colour. Its main buildings are, in fact, defined by colour. The fine-looking glass facade feature conjoining components of red, blue, and green.

The L.A. River Structures

More of a landmark design than a tourist attraction, the L.A. River Structures help to improves infrastructure in the city, the L.A. River’s urban portion, with its wide flood drains. It’s come to be a symbol for the architectural wonders performed by L.A. Engineers.

There have been a number of devastating floods in the city’s history, such as the foods that occurred in the 1820’s and 1930’s that resulted in loss of life and significant damage. Those devastations caused leaders in the city to undertake a continual effort to improve its readiness for such events. That effort led to an impressive and complex network of aqueducts and storm drains that are now a part of life in L.A.