While many houses in Europe have a similar architectural design, there are some that are more unique in appearance. There are in fact, some rather unusual houses in Europe that stand out because of their appearance. The look and design of the house may be more than decorative and is in some cases also functional. These houses have unique and interesting architectural designs that are unusual.


One of these houses is the Heliodome that is located in Cosswiller in France. The house is designed in such a way as to control the temperature inside the house. The unusual shape of the house is intentional and not simply decorative in nature, but rather serves an important purpose. The Heliodome is designed in such a way as to limit sun exposure on the house during summer. This stops the house from becoming excessively hot and overheating. In winter, the sun can enter the house more easily because of the design, so that the house can be heated during winter. This house is designed like a giant sundial that is built and positioned to allow more sunlight in during the fall and winter months when the sun is positioned lower in the sky. The house has giant windows that allow the sun to enter. Then in the summer the house is more shaded because the sun is positioned much higher in the sky than during the winter.

Palais Bulles

Also, in France you can find the Palais Bulles or Bubble Palace. This large house is located near Cannes in Théoule-sur-Mer. The house was designed by a Hungarian architect named Antii Lovag. It was built during the years from 1975 to 1989 and is a very large house. In fact, the house has 10 bedrooms, a lounge, a reception hall and an open-air amphitheater. The name Bubble Palace is appropriate considering that the mansion has round rooms, that can actually also rotate, and the mansion consists of domes that are all interconnected. The building has a very futuristic look and has many features such as waterfalls and pools present. It is also located in the French Riviera, so not only is it an amazing house, but it overlooks the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Little Crooked House

A bizarre looking building is the Little Crooked House, Krzywy Domek in Poland. This house literally looks crooked. It was designed by Szotynscy & Zaleski, two architects who were inspired by pictures from a children’s’ book. Structures all look as though they have been warped or partially melted, almost reminiscent of a surrealistic Salvador Dali painting. Aside from the walls being curved so too is the glass which is actually stained glass. The roof is covered in blue-green shingles which adds to the cartoon-like appearance of the building. This building contains shops and restaurants, and offices so it is a house, but not a home for a family to live in. These three buildings we have discussed are all very unusual and would be interesting to see up close.